To develop and create an innovative teaching / learning environment, create and equip each partner university with a new GEOCLIC laboratory (GEOLAB), a GEOCLIC office (GEOCOF), and a virtual events classroom (CVE) to strengthen links with the labor market, provide services to various target groups, and market educational services.

Develop, implement and accredit new practice-oriented, student-centered courses in geospatial technologies, remote sensing, monitoring and big data processing specifically designed for the environmental safety of coastal ecosystems in accordance with the guidelines; including an innovative teaching / learning environment and ECTS.

Update the current BA / MSc / PhD courses in the target area in accordance with the objectives of the Bologna Process and the requirements of the modern labor market.

Establish strong scientific and academic links between partner organizations, EU universities and enterprises.

Conduct professional development of teachers of target universities in European universities.

Ensure high quality of project results and sustainability of project results.